Monday, June 10, 2013


Crude Oil (Jul 13) intraday: the bias remains bullish. 
  Pivot: 95.25
Our preference: LONG positions above 95.25 with 96.7 & 97.3 in sight.
Alternative scenario: The downside breakout of 95.25 will open the way to 93.75 & 92.4.
Comment: the RSI is above its neutrality area at 50%.
Trend: ST Range; MT Range
Key levels Comment
98.2** Intraday resistance
97.3** Intraday resistance
96.7** Intraday resistance
96.09 Last
95.25** Intraday pivot point
93.75** Intraday support
92.4** Intraday support


GOLD (Spot) intraday: under pressure. 
  Pivot: 1406.00
Our preference: SHORT positions below 1406 with targets @ 1374 & 1354.
Alternative scenario: The upside penetration of 1406 will call for a rebound towards 1423 & 1445.
Comment: gold prices have broken below the channel support. The 50 moving average is turning down. The downside prevails, as long as 1406 is resistance.
Trend: ST Bearish; MT Bearish
Key levels Comment
1445** Intraday resistance
1423** Intraday resistance
1406** Intraday pivot point
1384.84 Last
1374** Intraday support
1354** Intraday support
1338** Intraday support


EUR/USD intraday: the bias remains bullish. 
Pivot: 1.3180.
Our preference: LONG positions above 1.318 with 1.328 & 1.332 in sight.
Alternative scenario: The downside penetration of 1.318 will call for a slide towards 1.314 & 1.31.
Comment: the pair is facing a pull back on its support, the RSI calls for caution.
Trend: ST Ltd Downside; MT Range
Key levels Comment
1.3375** Intraday resistance
1.332** Intraday resistance
1.328*** Intraday resistance
1.3192 Last
1.318*** Intraday pivot point
1.314*** Intraday support
1.31*** Intraday support

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