Monday, August 6, 2012

500% percent Returns in 2 months - Thank You Century Financial Brokers! (Forex Brokers)

My business was going down so I decided to invest some part of my income with Century Financial Brokers. I instructed the trader to allow me to trade with High Risk as I wanted to go for High Risk High Returns. He suggested me to go conservative but I insisted on taking the risk. I was placing approximately 10-12 trades a day in Gold, Silver, Oil, Forex and Dow Jones. My equity went down initially from 100000 USD to 79000 USD but then within a couple of weeks i picked up rapidly to 235000.

Within 2 months with my trader who is a Senior Financial Consultant at Century Financial Brokers, i broke all records and reached 545000 USD. I have withdrawn all my profits. May God bless you Century Financial Brokers.

Asad Khan
Financial Analyst  (CFB)

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